I entered the Epiphanie Camera Bags + Zenfolio Picture It photo contest!

The contest was “rain” and I thought of this image of Kami right away. Love the essence of this image.  Come visit to see all the other entries. Wish me luck. http://bit.ly/Ix1mXq


I entered the Epiphanie Camera Bags + Zenfolio Picture It photo contest! http://bit.ly/Ix1mXq


Oh So Chic

Paige is a beauty magazine worthy!

Go visit Chic Critique to see breathtaking images and more!

I Heart Faces – Best Face 2011

Her face says it all. She was a really good girl for this shoot, but couldn’t help herself a few times 🙂 I love this girl!!  Come see the others at www.iheartfaces.com.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge & Photography Tutorials

Beautiful Paige

Meet Paige. Isn’t she stunning? Probably could be an extremely successful model, am I right? Trust me when I tell you, as beautiful as she is on the outside, it doesn’t even hold a candle to how beautiful she is inside. Seriously, she is without a doubt one of the nicest, kindest, most unselfish people walking the Earth. These pictures are the result of one of my volleyball players senior projects. I am helping her because she wanted photography to be the main part of her senior project. We came up with a very fun idea and I know it will be amazing when it is done. We needed a model for the project and felt like Paige would fit perfectly. Clearly she did 🙂  I have left the “chosen one” out, but once it is completely finished we will add it here too. In the meantime, here are the others.

A little something I have been working on.

I know I have been pretty much non existent when it comes to my blog, and for that I am sorry. I really enjoy blogging, and I so miss it…but hopefully this image, and the ones to come from this session and others of my kids, will show you why. I realized how fleeting the moments are with my children. They are growing and changing so fast. Each of them are so beautiful in their own unique ways. Their relationship with each other is so special and loving. I realized recently, that I just HAD to have more pictures of my kids for my house….not to be STUCK ONLINE somewhere. I want some for my girls room (they share a room and love it) and I wanted these images to match the decor as well as show off their very tender love for each other. I also wanted some recent individual shots of each of them for our larger frames in our house. The ones in there now are so old Jordyn looks like Kami, Kami looks like Mason, and Mason isn’t on the wall at all (shame on me). At least I am trying now. And then, for the grand finale, I really wanted an image that I could put above my fireplace of…duh duh duh….ALL 3 TOGETHER. This is difficult for any mom and for any photographer, but I think double the trouble if you are both. You not only want the personalities you know so well to show, and you want the “mommy” emotion when you look at them, but you also cringe when they aren’t “good” enough. SO….My amazing friend and photographer Cynthia Ahr came along to help me defeat the situation. Stuck in mommy mode, I managed to get a few shots….but the big’n for above the mantle….she totally nailed. Those images to come soon….but for now….this on I managed to sneak on a second trip out….and I am IN LOVE with it. Hope you are too. Love and miss you all!!!


I Heart Faces – “Eyes”

Can’t think of many little ones with brighter eyes than my sweet little Kami girl. You can see right into her little soul can’t you. Come visit www.iheartfaces.com to see all the beautiful eyes 🙂

Jordyn, my sweet girl, is 6

  I am sure all of you with kids can attest to this, but wowzers can the time fly with your kids. I swear it was just uesterday that I told my husband I was pregnant for the first time. I remember the nights just before she was born being almost unable to sleep at all. Not because I was as large as a house, but because I just could not wait to meet my first born little girl. Then, finally, labor….delivery….and…….THERE SHE WAS. What a moment. Laying eyes on the most beautiful baby ever born my heart EXPLODED with love. She had a perfect little face and hands and her hair was almost white it was so blond. When they laid her on me as she was screaming, I touched her softly on her cheek for the first time, and in that very instant, she stopped crying and looked into my eyes. I felt like a mom, just my touch soothed her.

WHen we took her home we were so nervous and so overwhelmed with the love for her and responsibility to protect her. We took turns staying awake just to make sure she didn’t stop breathing. So many days of tears followed, an equal mix of fatigue and excitement. As she continued to grow healthy and strong, we were able to adjust, and relax, and fully appreciate our perfect little package from God. Months went by and as soon as her little body was able to talk, she did. And, she has not stopped since 🙂  She was THE BEST, EASIEST baby ever.

SHe never gave us one problem, or showed one single act of defiance for her first 3 years. She even slept 12 hours starting at 5 weeks old. The, she turned 3, and became a little more human 🙂 She was, and still is a very very compliant, caring, loving, spiritual, unselfish, and intelligent little girl.


SHe learned to stand.

Then walk..

Then play volleyball 🙂

Then become a little girl, and no longer a baby…

She amazes me daily and I love her as much now as the moment I met her…more even. She is an exceptional sister, and has NEVER shown any jealousy or resentment to her two younger siblings, and because of her example and acceptance of them, they are so close to each other, which blesses our life immensely.

She loves God in a way that most grown ups aren’t able to, she isn’t afraid to shout that on the rooftops either. She is everything to me, and to her family. And now, here she is, at age 6. As beautiful, kind, sweet, and loving as ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDYN DANIELLE.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY BABY GIRL!!!! I am blessed to be your mom.


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